Nam & Ko

e2 Face Mask - Vote Limited Edition



Get out the vote, with humor and style.

All the features of the Nam & Ko e2 face mask: 

  • Tailored to flatter the shape of your face
  • Two layers of breathable cotton / poly fabric
  • Treated with waterproof protection
  • Pocket for disposable filter (not included)
  • Bendable nose wire and ear loop adjuster

100% of proceeds go to the League of Women Voters.

The League of Women Voters is a civic organization for voter engagement. The organization was founded in 1920 upon the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment. Their mission was to educate women on their newly won right to vote. Today, they continue this work to engage American voters. They are a nonpartisan organization. 


Wash before wearing for the first time and after each use. 

We recommend ordering based on your clothing size.

We have updated our sizing based on customer feedback. Mask sizes now correspond to clothing size.

These are non-medical masks. 

Designed for personal use in line with CDC guidelines for face coverings. Not intended for use in a clinical setting. We trust you get the message, but these disclaimers are important.