Nam & Ko

e1 Face Mask



Our first mask. Made for everyday comfort. 

Designed to strike the balance between breathability and protection: 

Read more about our design process

We recommend ordering based on your clothing size.

We have updated our sizing based on customer feedback. Mask sizes now correspond to clothing size. The man in the photo is 5'11" and wears a Men / Medium / Large. The woman in the photo is 5'5" and wears a Women / Small. 

Made in New York. 

Your purchase supports local employment of NY fashion workers.

Reusable and reversible. 

Wash before wearing for the first time and after each use. 

These are non-medical masks.

Designed for personal use in line with CDC guidelines for face coverings. Not intended for use in a clinical setting. We trust you get the message but these disclaimers are important.